No one knows as much as everyone, and for that reason Urban Angle is about diverse viewpoints.  We have a cast of regular contributors, but we invite and welcome guest perspectives.  We hope this site can help to strengthen the voices of those who are working to make our cities better, and highlight the incredible potential of our collective action.


Thomas Morefield

Thomas is a proud resident of Downtown Kansas City, having lived in the Crossroads, Garment District, Crown Center, and Columbus Park neighborhoods over the past ten years. In that time, Thomas has served as the Planning and Development VP for the Kansas City’s Downtown Neighborhood Association and remains active on the DNA’s Development Committee, where he regularly engages the people, process, and politics of decision making at the City. Thomas has organized or supported a diverse range of advocacy and community building efforts recently, including Kansas City’s first “Better Block” event in 2012 (with fellow contributor Zach Flanders!).  As a professional urban planner, Thomas has the opportunity to work with communities and explore best practices around the country.  Thomas is an avid walker, collector of maps, lover of cities, and student of urban systems.


Zach Flanders

Zach lives in the Rosedale area of Kansas City, Kansas.  He is an avid bike commuter and is happiest when on two wheels.  Zach serves on the board for the Rosedale Development Association and works as an urban planner in downtown KCMO.  Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go Royals!


DuRon Netsell

DuRon is a real estate entrepreneur, who relocated to Kansas City in the spring of ’14. He is working to retrofit KC’s collection of beautiful but neglected historic buildings into efficient, healthy habitats creating walkable, sustainable communities. DuRon can often be found covered in paint while biking, walking, long boarding, or running throughout midtown


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