Urban Angle brings a unique approach to the exploration of a wide range of urban planning and design topics.  This site was launched with the conviction that people are passionate about their communities, that solutions for improving our communities exist out there to find and share, and that together, our collective understanding and advocacy can make a difference to the health and vitality of our neighborhoods and cities.

Because we live here, Kansas City is our reference point.  It is our civic laboratory and our barometer for progress.  But the challenges facing Kansas City are not unique, and good ideas come from everywhere.  The content on Urban Angle will reflect this dynamic.

Urban Angle provides a venue for exploration and discussion, but is oriented toward action. To this end, our content will include research, interviews, case studies, design exercises, advocacy efforts, and everything in between. Our goal is to make places better through a combination of deep understanding and proactive problem solving.

No one knows as much as everyone, and for that reason Urban Angle is about diverse viewpoints.  We have a cast of regular contributors, but we invite and welcome guest perspectives.  We hope this site can help to strengthen the voices of those who are working to make our cities better, and highlight the incredible potential of our collective action.